How to Not Become “That Guy” While Gaming

the-ultimate-gamerEveryone who games even halfway seriously is familiar with “that guy.” There are a few different variations of “that guy” in gaming too, so sometimes it’s confusing to know which one people are talking about, but today I want to go over how we as gamers can avoid being “that guy” while gaming.

The Über Gamer

Like I said above, everyone knows someone who is just a little too into gaming and who let it dominate every single aspect of their entire life an existence. These type of people have a hard time communicating with the outside world and carrying on normal conversations when gaming isn’t the main item of discussion. So what are a few ways that we can avoid this happening to us?

I know just how easy it is to get consumed by gaming culture because it happens to me every one in awhile. I will randomly find myself having gone days or weeks without every talking to someone about a topic other than games. And the best way I have found to counteract this trend is to find a group of friends who are either loose gamers or don’t game at all. This will help balance you out and make you more well rounded.

The Loud Gamer

The loud gamer is the guy who feels the need to yell every time he gets a kill in Call of Duty or every time he throws a touchdown pass in Madden. You generally see these types of guys frequenting college frat houses and other “bro” type atmospheres. The best way to avoid becoming a bro-gamer is to have a sense of self-awareness and keep a temperature check of the room around you. Sometimes it’s okay to be really loud and yell during gameplay, but if you’re the only one doing it, odds are you’re doing it wrong.

The Know-It-All

This type of gamer is in a league all his own—and he’ll let you know it. While the know-it-all gamer isn’t loud and boisterous like the bro-gamer, it sure will feel like it. Know-it-all gamers feel the need to correct everyone on what they determine to be “proper gameplay.” They usually don’t have much overlap with the über gamer because übers are generally nice people who just enjoy gaming. The know-it-all is a certain manifestation of the hipster who feels the need for everyone to be aware of his personal knowledge of gaming. Just sitting down and enjoying playing games isn’t enough for the know-it-all.

Generally is you’ve become a know it all and you aren’t aware of it, it’s too late. In most game circles these are the worst kind of people to play with. I can even stand gaming with the bro-gamer because they are at least well intentioned, albeit slightly irritating at times. The best thing to do to avoid becoming a know it all is to not feel the need to correct everyone on everything all the time. Try to let some things just be. If someone doesn’t know as much as you about a particular game or console, you don’t need to make them feel inferior about it. Just having fun playing the game! That’s what they’re there for!